Do the clothes I wear

Make you feel scared?

Hoods and baseball caps

Are for chaps

With no good on their minds

Aren’t they?

Well, so they say…


But I remember when

Drainpipe trousers sent

Shivers through the establishment

And winklepickers were for kickers

As mods and rockers

Put the mockers

On each other

And the flick knives came out

As brother fought brother


When bovver boots were prized by skinheads

(just as leather jackets were by Teds)

And flares worn wider than a mile

Put an expensive cut to the latest style

And then there was Flower power

and minis and midis and maxis

And Maharajas and Yogis and baldys with bells

And Mohicans sometimes appearing in taxis


So, when you look around

There’s little change on the old merry-go-round

‘Cos nothing’s new but it stays the same

It’s boys and girls playing a different game

That’s all!



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