Want to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke?

The answer is to have more sex,

At least two orgasms a week.

This will reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event,

But only if you are a man.

For women – well, you have to take your chances!

Eating chocolate can also reduce your risk

As does listening to music

Though Nessum Dorma might be more beneficial than Taylor Swift.

Moving out of the city, living with others, having a good boss

Also helps;

But men with a high orgasmic frequency do best of all.

So forget about Statins;

Chocolates, Vivaldi, and bashing the bishop

Are much more beneficial

And a lot more enjoyable.


  1. You reporting the old Hindu trick. Men who have several orgasms a week do live longer. It’s because we are fooling our brains into believing we’ re still in the gene pool, so it will continue to produce many chemicals needed for reproduction that are lost over time.
    I always remember when they interviewed Ernest Borgnine when he was in his eighties. They remarked about his youthful appearance and asked him what his secret was and he answered right away, “I masturbate often!”


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