2 thoughts on “CONSPIRACY THEORY

  1. Hi Tom, a good friend from Tullamore sent me a link to your page. She is someone whose judgement I respect, so I’ve bought a couple of your e-books and am really looking forward to reading them. I see you started wiriting 25 years ago after many years in a wholly different occupation. May I ask what age you were when you began writing? I describe myself as a 53 year old Accountand trapped in the body of a frustrated writer, so am encouraged by your story.



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    • Hi Paul,
      Delighted to hear from you. Thanks for buying my books, I hope you enjoy them. To answer your question, I was in my early forties when I started writing, and if you said to me when I was stared out that I would have written all the plays and books that I have in the 25 years since, I would have said you were mad! It’s a drug really, writing; and you need you need your daily fix to feel right. I do anyway! If you write only a page a day you will have a big book at the end of a year! Have you written much yourself? If you feel like sending me anything to comment on, please feel free – my email address is tomobrien2004@yahoo.co.uk I notice your address ends in .au – does that mean you are based in Australia?
      Take care my friend,
      Tom O’Brien


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