untitledThe man comes around

He stared like a haunted Johnny Cash
He smiled, his mouth a ghoulish gash
His voice bubbled like a bullfrog in a cauldron
And it seemed a mighty effort just to hold on
To the rasping chuckle he had found,
But then his rusty lyrics began to echo round the ground;
I have found my saviour, I have salved my sin
Oh Lord heal my sorrow, Sweet Jesus let me in
Sweet Jesus let me in. Yeah.
Cos I’m the man in black
And I just keep coming back. Yeah.
I been to San Quentin, and I’ve had the Folsom Prison Blues
And I sure have Walked The Line,
On my own, and with a Boy Named Sue
I’ve seen the Ring Of Fire, the Rock Island Line,
And I have messed with Cocaine Blues
But I’ve never been in town When The Man Comes Round
I don’t plan to be in town
When that son-of-a-bitch comes round.

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