The old man grimaced and silently imbibed his pint

His withered wife glared her whole life at him

And pointedly moved to a seat

At the far end of the joint


Two sons, forty and finicky,

Silently contemplated the following day’s races

While the daughter and son-in-law,

Long run out of things to say,

Blew smoke in each other’s faces.


Only the children were living;

The girl was chandelier-swinging

And the boy was table-top walking.

“Shhh!” said the mother,

“be quiet you two rascals,

We can’t seem to hear ourselves talking”

from my new book of poetry  –



2 thoughts on “SILENCE AT THE BAR

  1. Mr. O’Brien,
    Thank you so much for checking out my blog and thanks for the tweet. Your poetry is wonderful and I hope I would be able to find a copy some day.
    Lately I’ve been facing a particular issue (not really, but it’s bothering me) My post “What I heard” received a great amount of traffic compared to my other posts(including the latest). I was wondering if you could tell me what you find to be most interesting in this post compared to my latest post “Praise to #YouAintNoMuslimBro. I’ve never ever received so much traffic as I did for “what I heard” and its kind of depressing to not even get half of that amount now. I hope you would be willing to respond.


  2. Hi Amra,
    Thank you for your comments on my work. I am pleased that you liked some of the poems. As regards your own question, I think it wasn’t just what you said, it was the way you said it. There was something about it that grabbed my interest straight away, and made me want to read on. I suppose I am talking about style. It had style. And of course once I started reading I found the subject very interesting, and it held my interest to the end.
    I hope that helps.


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