2 thoughts on “WARTS AN’ ALL by Tom Power & Tom O’Brien

  1. Hello Tom, I just read a biography of Brendan Behan and encountered your Brendan Behan’s Women which I have purchased (I’ve also bought your autobiography). I too wrote a play about Brendan Behan and Dylan Thomas meeting in a London pub. I knew Brendan’s brother Brian (did you?) and he, like most biographies, said they never did meet but William Feaver in his biography of Lucien Freud said they did. Can I send you a copy of the play if you wish? If I don’t hear I’ll not try and contact you again but if you do respond that would be great. Best wishes. David


    • Hi David. Lovely to hear from you. I am a bit obsessed with Brendan! I have him in several play of mine; Brendan’s Women, On Raglan Road – about his relationship with the poet Patrick Kavanagh, and Gorgeous Gaels – in which he encounters the boxer Jack Doyle in an afterlife boxing ring! I also have a monologue called Brendan Behan Stands Up. He was a great character and an even greater writer.
      I did meet his brother Brian once in one of his own plays, in which he spends most of his time in bed! A friend of mine played opposite him in the bed and she said it was hard going! I can’t think of the name of the play now.
      I would definitely like to read your play; if you can email a copy that would be great. my email is tomobrien2004@yahoo.co.uk
      Looking forward to it.


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