I could murder a crow

I know where they go

When the sun goes down.

They cling to big trees

And snooze like dead bees

And sometimes they dine out in town.

Some have MA’s and others PHD’s

Some strut like celebrities

And lecture others

Less scholarly in looks.

Some dance like dervishes

And read the most obscene books.

They never forget a face

Whether animal, or human race

And they hold grudges

With deadly intent

Upset them just slightly

And their anger they will vent.

When the crow revolution comes;

Oh yes, they will rise up:

Their cawing is talking

In crow parlance

And their hopping is really a war dance.

If you have ever fucked with a crow,

Even just once, a decade ago,

They will remember it was you

And their crow offspring too.

So farmers don’t ever shoot crows

‘Cos they will know what to do

I could murder a crow

But crows are like elephants

They never forget

Though they haven’t paid me back yet

I’ve just shot one as it goes;

If I murder another

Will that be a murder of crows?

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