I have just completed adapting the book SECRET CHILD, written by Gordon Lewis, to a stage play. SECRET CHILD is a true story, set in Dublin of the 1950’s and London of the 1960’s, and was published to great acclaim by Harper Collins in 2015.                                                  It tells the story of Gordon, a young boy born an ‘unfortunate’ onto the rough streets of 1950s Dublin and raised as as secret child in a home for unmarried mothers.  His mother was so determined to keep her child, she hid him from her own family and the rest of the world for nine years.

Despite the poverty, hardship and isolation, the pride and hope of this small community of women gave this boy the courage to dream and made anything seem possible.

The play will have a rehearsed reading  at the London Irish Centre, Camden, London NWI,  on Friday 9th August at 2.30pm – directed by John Dunne –  with hopefully a full production  later in the year. Watch this space!!

Below is a short video based on the book which received world-wide attention and won many awards at various film festivals all over UK, Europe and Worldwide.



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