is ed sheeran an android?


 isEverywhere you look these days he’s there
Ed Sheerin
Strumming his plastic guitar
Smiling his geeky smile
Singing in his whiny voice
Best Album, Best Solo Artist
Come on, get real!
Writing his colour blind lyrics
Peddling his simpering vanilla sound
Sounding like his tongue got stuck in a mouse-trap
Then there’s his inane grin
His funky waistcoats
And his sexless chin
There’s more sex appeal in a pillow case
And he’s not even gay!
I suspect he is an android
That makes soothing noises when you pluck a string on its back
And I bet that close up he smells of WD40


5 thoughts on “is ed sheeran an android?

  1. Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing! I think some of his darker material is okay though. Like The A Team. But that’s probably the only song that possesses depth!

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