Love the irony!


If I live forever I will not forget
The man who hated freckles that I met
He was absolute about it and his hate intensified
He said I hate them folks with freckles on their eyes.

I can’t stand them folks with freckles he would say
They’re tearing down the good old usa
I’ve never met a one who couldn’t dance
And they’ll steal your watermelons if they ever get a chance.

Oh, he hated every freckle that he saw
He said they should be shot down by the law
They oughta send them all back where they’re from
And he said would you let your daughter marry one.

He said I hate them folks with freckles in my sleep
They’re on welfare and their houses ain’t too neat
They moved in near some fair complected friends
And them freckled folks are running down the neighborhood we’re in.

Well, he’d see a kid with freckles and he cuss
Said because of them my children have the bus
We wouldn’t have the trouble we have seen
If it wasn’t for that Martin Luther Queen.

But the man who hated freckles had some friends
And they organized a band of freckle’s clan
The man who hated freckles may be sick
But as far as I’m concerned he was a stupid son of a…


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