Andy or Drella

Perhaps you were a dipsy female

In your last earthly visit

Or you might have been

A shepherd

A horseman

Or a forester

Painting broad strokes

On the graphite landscape

Before being reborn

As a God

Whose numinous cans

Are now worth

More than a hoary hill of beans.

And later,

You danced in your velvet underground shack

With Lou Reed going round and round

And forever coming back.

You knew that Lou

Wasn’t much like you

But you liked him nevertheless;

You weren’t sparing

With your largesse.

I wish I knew what you were trying to express

Perhaps it was the salvation of your superstars

They say you almost died so they might almost live.

But you were fearless too

When you saw how much your precious

Candy Darling had to give.


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