This is definitely the country for old men;

All they do is eat and sleep, shit and piss all day long.

They breathe unaided when able

And display their puny achievements

On their shiny bedside tables;

They shout ‘nurse’ at every woman that passes by

Sometimes not even knowing why.

This is where dignity means not wearing a nappy

And where a having a peaceful night

Is the next best thing to being happy.

In the morning the relentless cleaning army

Marches the corridors and recovery rooms

Paying lip service to King Bug

And his equally efficient army of bodyterrorists and goons.

See them leering and lurking in the corners and caverns

Encouraging those mobile to pop their pills in the dingy taverns.

At ten the medics sweep in, the hierarchy I mean

Being attended to like royalty by bees around their queen.

Their orders are issued  and the drones get busy

Drip-feeding the helpless and making them dizzy.

Yes, this is the country for helpless old men;

Thank God I’m escaping today

And never returning again.








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