Peat, fuel of the Highlands,

Calling for smaladh,

Smothering, smooring.

The woman places embers in the middle of the floor,

Forming a circle,

Dividing it into three

With a small boss in the middle.

A peat sod is laid in each section

The first smouldering peat

For the God of Life,

The second for the God of Peace,

The third the God of Grace;

All are covered with ashes

To subdue, but not extinguish,

As the fire itself

Becomes three in the name of Light.

Slightly raised in the centre

Is the boss,

Now called the Tula Nan Tri,

The Hearth of the Three.

The woman closes her eyes,

Stretches her hands

And softly intones her

Lamentations and incantations

An oidhche

An nochd

O! An oidhche

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