The French House was humming

Bodies leaning on the counter

Furiously puffing the cigs they had been bumming

This was Bohemia in action

Rich and poor, straight and gay

No sign of fighting or faction.

Down the street at Bambino’s

The Very Miss Dusty O

Was manning the door in drag

A king-size always on the go

It wasn’t corporate, it wasn’t mundane

Way back then

And Francis Bacon frequently came by

To eye up the available young men.

There was Trannyshack on Wednesday nights

Where punks met pimps

And gays, straights, dragsters, hipsters and pop stars

Regularly mixed with Colonel Blimps.

And Grace Jones might be found

Dancing on a table to one side

With Gaultier and Donatelle Versace

Leading the Conga in the road outside.

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