Here’s a picture

Of the one I didn’t see

This morning

On the West Hill

Clouded out, the sun hid itself well

From old New Age-rs

And others whose persuasion

I couldn’t tell

(Though the clothes were more hippy than hip)

And we gathered in some dog viewers as well

What any of us expected I don’t quite know

But an eclipse was a definite no-show

Perhaps  a second coming

Or a burning fire in the sky

With a voice booming out over the hill

Repent or die! Repent or die!


4 thoughts on “ECLIPSE – WHAT ECLIPSE?

  1. Shame, wasn’t it? Nothing like the total eclipse of 1999 or thereabouts. And now, late afternoon in south-east England, the clouds have dispersed and we have the ordinary, boring daily miracle of sunlight!


  2. Hi John. Damp squib or what! We just stood there watching the clouds. The sky didn’t even darken!
    And I see the gremlins have been at work here. I am sure it was okay this morning, but maybe not.
    I finished your book – reviewed it on amazon.


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