unfinished symphony. THERE WAS A TIME…


There was a time which was

Much better lived than told

There was a time we were much younger

And growing up held  more sway than growing old

And then one day all that growing was done

And the long slide down that

Imaginary hill had begun…

I have,as you can see, not yet finished this poem. Anybody who feels like contributing some lines to finish it please feel free!

2 thoughts on “unfinished symphony. THERE WAS A TIME…

  1. I’ve slid, lost my hat, what’s worse, I’ve gotten fat,

    But if, at the end of it all, I could choose,
    I’d say it’s been a good slide; I’d go again-
    Through every bump and cut and bruise.
    And I still reminisce now, of life back then.


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