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Amy Winehouse 2011
Jeremy Michael Ward 2003
Sean McCabe 2000
Richey Edwards 1995
Kristen Pfaff 1994
Kurt Cobain 1994
Mia Zapata 1993
Pete De Freitas 1989
Jean-Michel Basquiat 1988
D Boon 1985
Chris Bell 1978
Pete Ham 1975
Dave Alexander 1975
Ron Pigpen Mckernan 1973
Linda Jones 1972
Jim Morrison 1971
Janis Joplin 1970
Jime Hendrix 1970
Alan Wilson 1970
Brian Jones 1969
Dickie Pride 1969
Rudy Lewis 1964
Jesse Belvin 1959
Robert Johnson 1938

4 thoughts on “THE 27 CLUB

  1. I wondered if any of my writer friends had noticed the trend. Alas, I am too old for such foolish self-sacrifice, too old to be good and die young, too evil for Shakespearian self-assurances, apparently still too young to die as nature commands us all, and too unknown for “immortality.” There were too many brilliant people who snuffed their own candles out to escape depression, or just by accident.

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    • I’m not planning to off myself, even at 72, but partying like a rock star at 72? Sign me up. A life of excess? Oh, yes! How about we plan to leave the planet no sooner than we reach 102? If you’re gone at 72, who will I ramble on and rant to?


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