2 thoughts on “GONE FISHIN’ – AGAIN

  1. Your traveling sounds so wonderful! In North Carolina, they serve excellent fried chicken and decadent sweetened iced tea at Bojangles. And, I lost my gold ring on a fishing trip in NC. We imagine a shark ate it. If you catch one, look inside, but mind your fingers stay attached! And, whether you find it or not, if you find your way to Indiana, you have to stop by.


  2. Yep, had some of that Bojangles chicken, Michaeljohns. Wonderful! You might consider that an alligator ate your ring – lots of them in the swamps around the Outer Banks apparently. Didn’t see any myself, but then ‘gators are not the kind of animals you want to see when you are on holidays! You never know, might be Indiana way on next holiday!


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