Fahrenheit 451

Have just re-read Ray Bradbury’s great science fiction book Fahrenheit 451 and it is without doubt the greatest book of its kind. Although now more than 60 years old it hasn’t dated one day and feels as fresh now as it did when first published. In fact I wouldn’t describe it as science fiction any more but science fact. Many of its predictions are now fact.

Ah Montag,Montag, where are you now?
Steeped in your kerosine world
You burnt the books
The houses and even the people.
Then fire seared your brain
And cleansed your senses
Books were made to be read not torched.
So you ran to the river
The Mechanical Hound snapping at your heels.

The sun burns every day
It burns time
The firemen burn the books
They burn them every day
Ah Montag, Montag, time burns everything away.

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