Boats that belong to better days
Mingle with iron flotsam
Washed ashore on a sea of shingle

Fishermen’s shacks sit like pygmies
In the shadow of the power station
Their colourful facades
Browbeaten by nature’s extremes

A stone garden sprouts incongruously
Beside one such dwelling;
It does not bloom in spring
But neither will it die when winter comes

3 thoughts on “DUNGENESS

  1. I know this place. It is eerily beautiful and your lines have caught that well. Some members of my family love it for the wilderness and seabirds. I can never quite shake off a feeling that it is slightly disturbing. Your poem captures that for me too.


  2. Thank you for your comments, John. I love the place too, and visit there fairly often as we live only about twenty five miles away. I agree that it is ‘eerily beautiful’, and totally out of time with the twenty first century. It always looks abandoned – as if the people had just walked away many years ago – but of course it is not, and yesterday I noticed a number new buildings there. I think its eerieness is compounded by the power station looming over everything, the several lighthouses, and of course the many derelict boats in the vicinity. The pictures I posted were taken yesterday. Incidentally, the stone garden referred to in the poem is attached to a cottage that was once owned by the late film director Derek Jarmyn. Both are still well-maintained and in good condition.


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