Today I am a poem
A page in a book I have yet to write
Today I am writing about me
And how I dream in Technicolor almost every night
I am writing about my id, my angst, my inner self, my outer shell
My Yin, my Yang, whatever I am.
There is no escaping this private hell.
I must set my angst free
From the unbearable anguish of life
With the hope of triumph over adversity.
In my raging anger I have lived not died
And now I have nothing else to hide.

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2 thoughts on “I AM A POEM

  1. “In my angst, anger, and anguish I lived and died” by Man of Angst or Man Bearing Angst on January 08, 2004. See “Angst” in urbandictionary.com

    Nice plagiarism Tom. Can you be anymore unctuous? At least be alliterative if you are going to steal someone’s line.


  2. Hi,
    If it was plagiarism then it was unintentional, indeed unconscious, as I have no recollection of writing it, or where it came from. Perhaps I jotted the line down in a notebook at some point, then developed it into a poem at a later stage without realising it was a quote. My apologies either way. I will, of course, change the line in the poem.
    Best wishes,
    Tom O’Brien


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