My mum says you’re my dad
The words ripped through me
Like a chainsaw through soft timber
Then scattered like spindrift
Along the sea wall

Lean young people glistened in the sun
While my heart pounded
And the young boy,
With shoulders rounded,
Hurried along to keep up with his mum

It was true; I was his father,
Of a sort.
Ten years ago I was for sure;
Ten lifetimes since I
Had slammed the goodbye door.

2 thoughts on “FATHER AND SON

  1. I was browsing the poetry tag in wordpress, this poem came up and I promptly had to stop and keep reading. Even though you don’t dive too deeply into the father’s emotional state, I could still feel his sense of shock and guilt.

    Also, these lines are especially wonderful:
    “The words ripped through me
    Like a chainsaw through soft timber”

    Thanks for sharing! You are a wonderful writer.


    • Thanks redgladiola. It was written a long time ago. I had completely forgotten it and only came across it again last night. I wasn’t too sure about it but thought I would post it anyway. Delighted that somebody likes it!


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