Self Doubts and Life’s Stories

You got your MoeJoe working MichaelJohns! ‘Cromwell’ was a fun production. We still hope to tour Ireland with it – following the Cromwellian trail, as it were – if we can raise the finance. The saddest news is that our wonderful director of the show, Owen Nolan, died earlier this year. A brilliant actor/director/musician. He will be missed.

ps. I was looking for the ‘top shelf writer’ and then realised it was me you were talking about! With flattery like that you could well end up playing the violin in Cromwell’s New Model Army!

MoeJoe Musing

I love the thought that sometimes our best jokes turn into our life’s stories, and turn out to have been our best ideas.  When I was in High School, I used to laugh when people said things and then their lives turned on an axis and they had to eat their words, in good ways.  Well, my own life’s story and direction has taken one or two of those amusing turns, too.  My miraculous marriage, my beautiful kids, my aspirations.  I joked about all of these at one point or another in my life, cynical in my perspective, doubting it all.  I doubted that a person like me would ever find and win the heart of a woman, and then she came along and won mine, held in still-willing thrall for more than 20 years.  I doubted that I would ever be a father. She has given me two children…

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