Oh yeah?  And I flew over the cuckoo’s nest last night!

It’s a strange title; actually it’s a website, where you can promote your ebooks. For a fee, naturally.  One day costs 20 bucks; 5 days 60 bucks. 5 days sounds a good deal, huh; that way you only lose 12 bucks a day!

Obiously you don’t promote the book yourself, they do the promoting for you;

1…Book featured on the eBooks GROW ON TREES website
2…Book featured in the eBooksGOT Newsletter, emailed daily​                                                                                                                3…Book mentioned on Twitter, daily
​4…Book m
entioned on Facebook, daily

Hmm…a couple of those you could do yourself, so in theory you could save yourself 50% of your outlay!

Now, selling prices; you have 3 options; FREE, 99c, $2.99

Hmm…I’m going to run that by myself one more time; let’s say I choose the FREE option for 5 days; say I sell 100 books during that period.

total outlay $60….total returns $0.00

Even with the 99c option you are going to have to sell over 60 books just to break even

Yeah, that’s a good deal – a sure-fire winner.  OR IS IT LOSER


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