Kathy Kirby had everything. A remarkable voice, stunning looks and was the highest paid female singer of the 1960s. So what went wrong? She stopped singing and became a recluse at the peak of her career, never performing in public again for nearly thirty years until she died in 2011.

Her rollercoaster life embraced a bit of everything – celebrity lovers, including an affair with Bruce Forsyth, a knife attack at her flat, a drug overdose, bankruptcy, alcohol abuse, admission to a mental hospital and a lesbian affair. She earned more than five million during her heyday – and her manager – and lover – Bert Ambrose spent it all for her.

My play KATHY KIRBY – ICON, a musical about her life, sold out its short run at The Camden Fringe Festival in 2012, where it received numerous 5***** reviews.  See   http://www.kathykirby.info/

Watch this space for news of further productions.


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3 thoughts on “KATHY KIRBY – ICON

  1. I saw her in her heyday and she was magnificent. It is such a sad shame that some of the people who abused their situation with her, still claim to be on her side. A recent book on her life by Mark Willerton, one of her few genuine friends, is a great read and puts things into perspective, but unfortunately was unable to go further in discussing people she trusted but who proved to be letchers. It is now several sad years since Kathy passed away.

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    • Yes, a wonderful singer, but such a tragic life. I read Mrk’s book and also James Harman’s; both gave great insights to Kathys life and helped me greatly when writing the play. We hope to revive the play later this year somewhere in the West End.


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