Apparently this is the Hemingway-themed layout. Can’t see the connection myself, unless the barn is meant to represent a writer’s garret. Not that Papa ever wrote in a garret as far as I know. He always wrote standing up, on a tall,sloped desk, everything handwritten before being typed up. He was usually an early morning writer, and the location invariably was his bedroom, and he was usually finished by lunch-time. Certainly this was his routine during the years he spent at his villa, Finca Vigia,in Havana Cuba. Years of heavy drinking and high living caused him all sorts of health problems and he blew his brains out early one morning at his residence in Ketcham Idaho in the summer of 1961. Maybe it’s the best way to end it all; not the long slide to oblivion but the quick end from the speeding bullet. 

Advice from Papa; Write drunk, edit sober.
More advice from Papa; Writing is easy,you just sit at your typewriter and bleed.

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