Finally got my website up and running properly. Now to fill my blog with words of wsidom. If only it was that easy! Writers block is a much bandied word, though I think it is more like writers seizure in my case. They say you should try and write your way through it. Easier said than done! Never mind, here’s a poem that might ease the symptoms;


 Another juggernaut rocks the Van

But Van just smiles

And sings Brown-eyed Handsome Man.

Then The Lady in Red joins in

And Chris De Burgh bangs loudly on a tin.

You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houndog

Can be heard from up ahead

And a squeaky voice pipes up

Hey, Elvis ain’t dead!

He drivin’ that big old truck up front.

Goddamn! Says Bo Diddley

Aint’ he some cupid stunt!


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