Hiya Friends, we’re looking to do a London rehearsed reading of a new hard-hitting Irish play by Tom O’Brien called Race Relations (about racism and corruption in Ireland) and we’re looking for a room big enough for a cast of five plus invited guests. We have no money for hire fees but if there’s a bar nearby… We’re also looking to do this before the end of Dec/beginning of Jan. We’ll also be looking for actors for the reading (again no money but a pint at the end) so if anyone thinks they might be free and interested should let me know. The casting at the moment is JIMMY………swarthy, dark complexion, 30yrs CON…………..a bull of a man, mid 50’s  (most probably cast) MARION……poised, slightly matronly, mid 50’s  … JJ……………….Anglo-Irish, well groomed, 50yrs   MICHAEL….athletic, interesting, 30yrs                              CATHY………Aussie aborigine 30yrs approx

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