The singularity or
To be more precise
The technological singularity,
This thing for techno-utopians
Looking for immortality,
Is it real?
The singularitarians are banking
On it being so,
Seemingly willing to stay alive
For long enough,
By fair means or foul,
To benefit from this man-made God
That grants transcendence.
Artificial intelligence rules
They hope, despite
The doomsayers and techno-dystopians
Who claim it will malevolently bring about
The end of the world.

The end of civilisation as we know it

History and Hollywood are on their side;
Frankenstein, Skynet, the Matrix
Are their testimonials
When AI exceeds human intelligence
Everything changes
A smart AI breeds a smarter AI…and so on
Ad-infinitum, perhaps,
Leaving human intelligence without comprehension.
Driverless cars
Automated financial transactions
Language translation systems
Already better and faster than humans,
The list grows bigger daily.
Who needs humans, really?


We have come to the end of privacy
Our private lives have been winnowed away
To the realms of the shameful and secret.
Someone, somewhere, state, press or corporation
Is watching.
Everybody knows about the Facebook newsfeed
It’s like a sausage – everyone eats it
Though nobody knows how it is made.
We are being manipulated, surveyed, rendered
By intelligence that is artificial as well human
Driven by complex mathematical formulae
That are invisible and arcane
Where corporations feed on the private lives of their users
While governments play fast and loose.
If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear
Oh yeah?
Sex and shitting were once the only pastimes safe from the Internet
Well, not any more, baby!
As Max M found to his cost
Though defecation was a bit too much
Even for his eclectic taste
Secrets are lies, sharing is caring, privacy is theft
Facebook can quite easily draw a map of your soul;
Tell us what you like and we will tell you what you are;
We can now tell which of your friends are gay
And whether you may be leaning that way
We know how much you have in your bank, your tank
And where you will holiday next time round,
When your wife will get pregnant – and by whom
We know every thought inside your head
Whether inside or outside this room.
If you want to keep a secret
You must hide it from yourself

Privacy? There is no privacy anymore,
Privacy is for paedos.