Jesus on the streets

Satan under the sheets

Why do the heathens rage

When we don’t keep sinners in a cage?

He that sits in the heavens shall laugh

When he speaks to them in his wrath

Hear me when I call, ye sons of men

How long before ye turn glory into shame again?

Stand ye in awe and sin not one time more

For your pillow will be a hard rock

And your bed a fiery brimstone floor.




If I bear witness of myself

That witness is not true83

There is another who bears witness

And that witness is you.

You are a burning and shining light

My only reason to rejoice

You gave me hope where there was none

You brought sanity to my voice.

If now you should wish to leave me

Where is there another who will believe me?

When I shout out to the heavens up above

That what saved me then, and will do so again

Is nothing other than unconditional love.